Ribbons of Euphoria

by Ribbons of Euphoria

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Their first album was released in 2014 by D-drop Recordings.

The songs are a combination of many influences and inspirations of the group, from its founding (2007) until the production of this album with the recordings taking place in 2011.


released December 26, 2014

Produced by Ribbons of Euphoria
Released by D-drop Recordings
Distributed by Fuzz Overdose Records



all rights reserved


Ribbons of Euphoria Athens, Greece

Ribbons of Euphoria is a band, which, whilst keeping blues-rock as a basis, is flirting with psychedelic and progressive elements, thus composing a beautiful musical combination, which has the immediacy of the old times.
The band aims to defend rock music and its stylistic culture, thus rendering it existent in a world that considers it lost for ever.
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Track Name: Incidence of Truth
Caught in a wooden barbed briar
Who could tell that I'm a liar?
I'm only but a tool, for a two headed fool
Politician of the utter rule

Making truth out of a lie
Only clouds, a clear sky
I'm only but a clown, making all others frown
Faithful cohort of the golden crown

You two headed fool
Making things you didn't comprehend
Wrongly used and put when consequences
Knocked your door

(You've turned the other head
Telling the world you did not know
But, I know...)

Behold the incidence of truth!
What's been so difficult for you?

Breaking through the other side
Which one of you will decide?
If I'm only but a fool, destined for a life of rule
Failed combatant in a one man's duel

Behold the incidence of truth!
What's been so difficult for you?
Track Name: A Jester and the Queen
I sail down the line
Through time and miracles
A sound all the way
Sighs of pain for the Oracle

He whispers strange thoughts
Raging taunts for me
He speaks what will be
There for me and my Queen

My soul will dance into the light
Of laughing stars up above
And with the passing of a night
I'll have the light into my arms
To lit the world and make it bright again
I'll see your eyes, your face again

'Cause I... I'm too close and
So far away... from you

My mind will sing into the void
Of space and time up above
And with the passing of a lifetime
I'll have the path into my arms
To travel deep, to travel far again
To see your eyes, your face again

'Cause I... I'm too close and
So far away... from you

I know
Must go
Cold sway

I wonder now what should have been
If I could ask the stars
To guide through this narrow path
Forget about the past
I'll find my way between the scars
The fading pain that lasts

'Cause I... I'm too close and
So far away... from you

I know
Must go
Cold sway

Clouds are storming
Tender longing
Stars are falling
Hope's last calling
Track Name: The Druids are Rising (to the forefront once more)
Soul custodian of an afterlife
Appears on screen again

(Here's the prophet)

Wise forecaster of a deadly future
Does he have something to gain?

(I'm your savior)

Should I listen to the warnings
Or should I turn away?
Is it safer for my soul
To be under a sway?

Lying under a broken dream
That wasn't ever meant to be

(Take my hand)

I... I loaf about a labyrinth
Too many doors, but not one key

(Follow me)

Can you hear the voices of Druids,
Prophets of salvation?
Is that the key I'm looking for
Or just a big frustration?

The Druids are rising
To the forefront once more
We are a trace of ash in a moving ocean,
Aren't we?

Do you think there is something,
Something more than we can see?
Well, maybe there is...

Even if there is, should we follow a certain clue?
And who are you to tell me what, what to do?
Track Name: Smokin' n' Spittin'
Well, I'm afraid the smoke I wanna breathe
Is more than I can take
Threads of fates are weavin' for me
But, all I see is fake

Dreams of evil, floodin' nights
Slip out 'n' come true
Can this cigar last some more
Before my steam is through?

I am doomed in...

Smokin' 'n' Spittin'!

Galactic glooms 'n' sparklin' eyes
Tellin' me of life
Fuel is burnin' in my head
I spit it out like fire

Some of th' evil that dwells in me
Is comin' out like rain
Relieved 'n' new, so now I need
To feel 'n' pass on pain

Am I doomed or am I blessed?

Smokin' 'n' Spittin'!
Track Name: Mindful of Dreams
I'm flying towards the moon
I'm free, the universe caresses me

I don't know where I'm going
I don't care what I'm doing
But, I know that if I'm dreaming
I'll wake up

I'm lost in time and space
I wish somebody would end this craze

I run fast back to follow
What is all full, but hollow
But, if I know where to go to
I'll wake up

I feel I have to wake up
All these fears I have to shake off
Please, make stop this lullaby
I just haven't said my last goodbye

I'm falling deep in the sea
I'm calling myself to see

The lower bowels of the earth
Where is impossible to get
Without needles or incense
I'll wake up

The Conqueror Worm by E.A.Poe

[...Sit in a theater, to see
A play of hopes and fears,
While the orchestra breathes fitfully
The music of the spheres...]
[...Through a circle that ever returneth in
To the self-same spot,
And much of Madness, and more of Sin,
And Horror the soul of the plot...]
[...Out–out are the lights–out all!
And, over each quivering form,
The curtain, a funeral pall,
Comes down with the rush of a storm,
While the angels, all pallid and wan,
Uprising, unveiling, affirm
That the play is the tragedy, “Man”,
And its hero, the Conqueror Worm.]